The View from Here…

This is the view from my desk.   It’s a great view.  Gorgeous architecture, lovely landscape, hustle and bustle of the financial district below, and occasionally a rainbow.    Everything I dreamt of in my high school and university days.   It’s the view I strived for.  It’s a view I love.   I see this view in the morning light, in the soft glow of the sunset and all too often, I see this view at night.

But I dream a lot of big, wild, and expansive vistas.   Mountains, beaches, tropical rainforests.   The further off the beaten path, the better.   I am driven to seek out different views.  I love the adventure in it, I love seeing new sights, immersing myself in new cultures, and getting the hell out of the chair I am firmly planted in when at the office.

All of which is to say, I am a desk jockey with an incurable case of wanderlust….

2 thoughts on “The View from Here…

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  2. Mum

    Thinking about you and your and adventure – enjoy your last few days in comfort – know you’ll enjoy the rest of the trip too. Take lots of pics.
    Love and hugs,
    Mum & Dave


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