30 lbs of packing…

Anyone who knows me knows that I am organizationally challenged.  At work I seem to manage okay.   Partially because I am paid to be organized, but more specifically because I have a kick-ass assistant who regularly prompts, cajoles and harasses me to get my office organized.   Not the case on the domestic front.    My house is in a regular state of semi-disaster.   I live in a low-level state of dread that someone might drop by unexpectedly and be confronted with my chaos.

Which explains my challenge with packing.    I am usually running out the door to the airport at the same time as I am zipping up my suitcase.   I always leave packing to the last minute – I think because it calls for a significant amount of organization.  Or maybe I’m just a procrastinator.

My Everest Base Camp adventure is a little different.   It requires a significant amount of planning on the packing front.   Partly because there isn’t a drug store on every corner and partly because I only get 30 lbs. of luggage allowance!!    YIKES!   30 lbs. is nothing.   Especially when you consider that includes things like my sleeping bag, thermal layers, down coat, snacks and whatever OTC remedies I think may be useful in the 15 days we are knocking around the Himalayan wilderness.

So I’m digging deep and utilizing every last organizational tool I can think of and getting it done.  Well in advance of our departure date.   Will wonders never cease?!

So far I have packed and re-packed my trek bag at least three times.     I’m still 7 lbs. over limit.    I’m hoping by the end of this, I will have become ace-packer who can provide words of wisdom for those like me.   Until then, I’m headed for re-pack #4.


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