Out of Office is ON!

This past week was a rough one.  I managed to screw up the shoulder I had managed to rehab last year.   Not good a week before heading to Nepal to trek the Himalayas.   I don’t know if it was the stress of packing my trek bag six times (and I’m still over-weight), or the relief that my desk was in decent order a full week ahead of schedule that triggered it.  Either way, I moved in a rather unobtrusive way and boom couldn’t move my shoulder.    I didn’t get to the gym once all week.  I did go to the chiro for a couple of torture sessions.   And at the end of the week we got out for one last hike.  I think I survived it because of the promise that the best Portuguese bbq chicken in the city was waiting for me at the end of it.   It was worth it.

Despite the rough week, I’m ready to go.   Laundry is finished, I’m all packed, fur-babies are situated with the Nugget (aka my niece), I’m checked-in on flights and my out of office is ON!  Next stop Kathmandu.



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