The Travel Gods have Smiled on Us ….

I don’t like flying.  I don’t hate flying.  It’s the pain in the ass necessary to get me to where I want to be.   Until I flew on Etihad.   From the baggage drop line at the airport through the next 24 hours of travel, I was amazed.   In a good way.

The gentleman at the bag drop counter was pleasant, even courteous.   Shocking.    Then he outdid himself by blocking the seats next to us, so we had some extra room on the 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. I was thrilled.  I mean, come on!  When was the last time you got a smile from someone at a domestic carrier, forget extra room!?!?!   The flight crew were fantastic.    Pleasant and patient – especially with the family sitting across from us with a kid afflicted with motion sickness.  The food actually tasted like food.  Ice cream bars galore.

Two hour layover in Abu Dhabi was uneventful until we got upgraded to business for the flight to Kathmandu!   I think the last time I was upgraded was 20 years ago.   It was lovely – even better food, a foot rest and a MASSAGE option in the seat!!  Mic drop.

I will say baggage claim in Kathmandu was a bit dodgy, but we did manage to track down all of our luggage – eventually.

It’s a good day when the travel gods are benevolent.

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