Trek Day 1:  KTM to Lukla to Phakding

Today we had an early start in KTM: 4am.   Boxed breakfast and off to the airport for our flight to Lukla.   I had heard horror stories about flying to Lukla.   The weather is a big factor, major delays and organized chaos at the airport in Kathmandu.   Once again the travel gods smiled on us.   We were in and through security in record time.   Waited on the bus to the plane for all of 9 minutes and the clouds lifted enough for us to take off only 36 minutes after our scheduled departure.

On the plane, I figured we were in for a rough flight when the pilot and co-pilot had barf bags at the ready.   It was seriously the smoothest flight I have ever been on!   Better than any flight on a jumbo jet!  Who knew that was possible on a 16 seater flying in the mountains!

Flying into Lukla is terrorizing.   A 210 foot runway ending in the side of a mountain.   I’m telling you I didn’t feel the landing.  Totally spectacular!!

Once in Lukla we reorganized duffles and set off on Day 1 on our trek.  Off to Phakding.  Easy day, mostly downhill with a couple of suspension bridges.   It clouded over at lunch and started to spit for the afternoon part of our walk.

Our lodge for the evening was nestled in a valley next to a river.   Unbelievably picturesque.

Dinner was the best dinner.  Maybe not but after being outside all day in the fresh Himalyan air, I was famished!!

And then I fell asleep at 8pm.   Ahhhh.

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