Trek Day 2:  Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3,440m)

Woke up this morning to gorgeous views and blue, blue skies.   More suspension bridges and massive hills.   We passed through little villages all day and spectacular views.  I am running out of words to properly describe the vistas.  We walked along the Dudh Koshi (ie the Dudh River) most of the day.   A completely meditative sounds.   Birds chirping and the clanging of mule and zopkyo bells.  FYI, a zopkyo is a cross between a yak and a cow.   They are used at “low” altitude (ie lower than 3,500 metres) because yaks get low altitude sickness!

Our morning break had a loo with the most spectacular view!  It’s kind of a sad thing that I am starting to rate bathroom facilities on various criteria.  View, cleanliness, ease of access.    So far the best was a fresh air perch on the edge of a canyon amongst the pine trees!!

Just before lunch we entered the Sagarmatha National Park.   A lovely gate decorated with Bhuddhist  paintings and mandalas.

Our afternoon involved a ridiculously high suspension bridge that reinstated my fear of heights as I bounced around at a few hundred metres above rushing water.   And then a haul straight up hill for 2.5 hours!   Fuck me.  Luckily our amazing guide, Mingma, gave us a tutorial on the proper climbing technique and a few mental tricks to keep your mind off the never ending uphill.   And he regaled us with truly hysterical stories and interesting tidbits of Nepali and Sherpa trivia.

Got to Namche and had a little taste of one.  Leafs Nation in Namche!!

We started at  2,652 metres and ended at 3,440 metres and I may go to bed at 7pm tonight!  8 pm seems a long way off!!!

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