Trek Day 3:  “Rest” Day

Today is a “rest” day.   Which doesn’t really mean rest.   It means a short day hike up the surrounding hills and back.   And we got our first glimpse of Everest!  Exactly what we came here for.   Awesome, spectacular, surreal.

We then visited the Sherpa museum in Namche, which is an old Sherpa house with the traditional tools and implements.   Fascinating to see how resourceful people are.

Lunch was yak momo and dal (spicy tomato dal).  Mmmm mmmmm good!

Then I took a nap.   So, yeah, I guess it was a rest day.  I am having some issues sleeping so I was thrilled to get some extra down time.   Feel like a champ.

Tomorrow we are up the hill to Khumjung.

2 thoughts on “Trek Day 3:  “Rest” Day

  1. bonnie rodgers

    Love your blog. Kookie Miller has been staying with me and she has been reading it to me. Hope to be included in your further travels


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