Trek Day 5:   Khumjung to Tengboche (3876m)

Woke up today at 5:30 am.   Woke up is being used loosely as I actually hadn’t slept since 1am.   Insomnia is starting to get me.

We started off from Khumgjung with a spectacular sunny morning.   The morning light warms the mountains in a beautiful golden glow.  Makes them seem inviting.  Like they are calling you closer.

Started downhill towards the river.   I quite enjoy the downhills until it hits me that a down is most assuredly followed by a massive uphill to make up for the loss of elevation plus the gain we need to make.   Put that out of your mind!   Just enjoy the moment and the forty shades of blue!!

We walked through rhododendron forests that were just starting to bloom.   Pinks, white, red.

We continued to follow the Dudh Koshi river for 2.5 hours.  Lulled into a rhythm by the sounds of rushing water.   Just don’t forget to avoid the zopkyo poop!!

And then up, up and up!   Switch backs galore for another 2.5 hours.   New mantras were created.   Counted to 10 at least 10,000 times!! And then bam you are at the top!

Tengboche consists of a monetary, 3 or 4 lodges and a corner store that sells t.p.  and chocolate bars.

Had my first hot shower in at least 5 days and while it was located precariously on the side of the cliff, it was fantastic!!

Tomorrow we are off to Periche!

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