Trek Day 6:  Tengboche to Pheriche (4328m)

We woke up (again I use that term loosely since I’m not sure I actually fell asleep) to the most amazing view of Everest and Ama Dablam out our window.   I mean, come on!! This doesn’t actually happen.   Unreal.

It was another gorgeous morning, though colder than the others.  Clearly we are moving up in elevation.   Started out in three layers and gloves.

We started downhill from Tengboche and followed the river again.   The scent of pine and rhododendrons followed us.

We stopped at a nunnery to see the progress being made on the rebuilding efforts after last year’s earthquake and had a quick chat with the nuns (with a bit of translation assistance from Mingma).

Used the most impressive outhouse ever and managed to crack my head on the ridiculously low doorway (after noting the facilities were clearly built for short people)!!   Luckily, I managed to knock the wind out of myself rather than actually knocking myself over!! Ended up with a sizeable bump on my head and a raging headache.

The rest of the morning hike was a gradual uphill along the river, crossing over another suspension bridge or two.

I didn’t have much at lunch.  Starting to lose my apetite, which didn’t help with the headache.  The afternoon walk wasn’t too hard given the elevation gain, but my headache got worse as the afternoon went on.    And it started to cloud over, which again didn’t help with the headache.  It was a perfect storm of a day for a raging headache.

Despite feeling like crap, I remain in awe of the unbelievable views.   Everest, Nuptse and Ama Dablam watched us all day.   And so did the butterflies.

Got to Pheriche mid-afternoon.    Breathing is getting harder which makes simple tasks like unpacking or walking to the loo major accomplishments.

Hot damn, tomorrow is a rest day!!

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