Trek Day 7: “Rest” Day in Pheriche (4328m)

My friend, Lisa, was the impetus behind this trip.  She had been wanting to do this trek for some time and I tagged along.  We researched a bunch of trekking companies and decided to book with Tusker Trail.  Tusker specializes in Kilimanjaro treks but also offers some other high altitude and adventurous treks, like EBC.   A couple of factors that tipped us in Tusker’s direction were the group size and the fact that they monitor your medical condition with twice daily med checks.

Our group started at 12 and was down one already.   Today we lost another who was med-evaced with altitude sickness.   The remainder of the group ranges in age from 30 to 61, and hail from the US, Canada, Australia and the U.K.   We were split equally between men and women.  We had two guides from Tusker with us (one of whom is a medic with high altitude training).   We were also supported by a crew of 24 Sherpas and 14 zopkyo!!   Sounds excessive but moving that many people and supplies up that valley is quite a production.   We have one lead Sherpa guide, 7 assistant guides and 16 crew (including cooks, porters and zopkyo drivers).    Certainly felt well-supported!

Since today was a “rest” day, we hiked up the ridge behind our lodge and had the most brilliant view of Pheriche and Dingboche (on the other side of the ridge).  We saw 4 of the highest peaks in the world in one view.   Totally unbelievable!

We got back to the lodge just before lunch and I had a super hot shower in a room with a toilet full of rocks.  Only in Nepal!

Had a super easy afternoon, playing spoons (crazy high speed card game) and telling jokes.

Celebrated Chris’ birthday with a yummy birthday cake baked in a camp stove.  Delicious!!

Pushing on to Lobuche tomorrow.

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