Trek Day 8: Pheriche to Lobuche (4,864 m)

After another terrible night’s sleep, we woke up to snow.   There was just enough to cover the ground and make everything glisten in the morning light.  Totally lovely, particularly against the blue skies.

We headed up the valley surrounded by peak after peak, after peak.  Truly breathtaking.  It doesn’t get old.   But I am running out of superlatives to describe what we are seeing.

We walked through the summer pastures and chatted with a lovely lady about her house and her herd.   Shared a few laughs and couple of pictures.  A great morning, indeed.

Had a really steep climb up to lunch but it was worth the view.   It was a spectacularly clear view of Ama Dablam.   I sat in awe forgetting my soup.

Yet another steep climb after lunch to the Everest  memorial.   The memorial is a collection of stupas (a Bhuddist grave memorial) for fallen climbers and Sherpas.   Kind of errie in a way and a stark reminder of what we were contemplating in our quest.

The last part of the afternoon’s climb was “Nepali flat” (ie “Toronto steep”) and was kind of exhausting.

We got to Lobuche and hit a new low for toilet facilities.   I was hoping and praying I could hold it until we set out the next day.  Alas, no luck.   Ugh.   Terrible, terrible.

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