Trek Day 11:  Dingboche to Tengboche (3,876m)

Had a lovely walk on a gentle downhill slope this morning through fields we had walked through on the way up.   I didn’t recognize any of it.  Clearly the headache I had on the way up the valley was worse than I thought.   I enjoyed every step this morning.

We had lunch in Pangboche.  It was sunny again but the wind kicked up so strongly that it felt really cold.   Buffs galore today to keep the wind and dust out.

We stopped at the gompa (monestary) in Pangboche after lunch.  The oldest in Nepal – the original structure was built 700 years ago.   Traditionally, climbers and trekkers stop here on the way up the valley for a blessing of their voyage.   We hit it on the way down, but no less interesting or impactful.

After the monestary we stopped at Lama Geshe’s house for a blessing and Q&A session. We chatted for over an hour about Bhuddism, compassion, reincarnation and the best approach to modern life.  We learned a couple of Bhuddist mantras and how to chant.  It was fascinating and really touching.  What an experience!!

We crossed the Dudh Koshi for the 400th time and up yet another super steep hill to Tengboche.   I was tempted to stay at the nunnery we visited on the way out – mostly because it’s at the base of the hill!  The Caboose Crew stuck it out and made it up the hill in time for tea.   Thank God for small mercies!

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