Trek Day 12:  Tengboche to Namche (3,446m)

Yet another shitty night’s sleep.  Two and a half hours is not long enough – especially for 12 days in a row.   I’m bagged.  Totally and completely bagged.

The morning was a steep downhill.   Not so bad until the inevitable uphill.   Crossed over the Dudh Koshi again and up a crazy steep hill for an hour and a half.  Oy.  Vei.  Good.  God. Holy.  Hell.

I am going to work out a series of zip lines through this valley.   Surely with all the other engineering feats humans have accomplished, this can be done.   The inefficiencies of the constant downs and ups is cuh-razy.  And exhausting.

I feel asleep at lunch for about four minutes.  It may have hurt more than it helped.   But the grilled cheese made have brightened things slightly.

The afternoon was ROUGH!  It was a fairly flat (or at least as flat as it gets in Nepal) hike but the wind kicked up which made it really hard to breathe.

I crawled into Namche and into my sleeping bag.    It was heaven.   Or at least as close to it as I want to get anytime soon.

I’m not sure I have any pictures to post today.  That’s how rough it was.   And that’s saying a lot.  Ah yes, poop on a wall.  I guess I did take one or two shots today.  All hope is not lost.

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