Trek Day 13:  Namche to Monjo (2,835m)

We spent the morning in Namche.   And had the most spectacular experience.   A helicopter ride back up the valley to Everest and Ama Dablam.

We were briefed by our pilot about emergency procedures and not walking behind the helicopter.   Again – what the hell are we thinking?!

We flew to the west to Gokyo Lake – which is the most spectacular colour green I have seen in a long while.  Then up over a ridge at 20,000 feet elevation.  The helicopter started shaking and straining.  What the f&ck am I supposed to do in an emergency?!?!   Holy crap.

And then on the far side of the ridge, there she is.  Mount Everst in all of her glory.   A sight to see from the sky and that close!!!   You could see people at Camp 1.  And on the ridge across at Lobuche peak.

I thought I was adventurous until I saw those tents perched on the side of a mountain.   You could tumble down hundreds of feet if you got out of your tent too quickly.    God, I am an amateur.

To see the beauty of those mountains at that close range was really a surreal experience.  It makes you and your problems totally and completely insignificant.   I take a lot of comfort in that.    It sounds strange, but I am good with being so small in such a vast expanse.

On the way down the valley we could see each of the little towns we had trekked through and often times the trails we had just been on.   It was like putting puzzle pieces together.

After breakfast, we went into Namche for some last minute shopping.   And coffee.  No I mean, real coffee.

After lunch we headed out, through the weekly market, down the hill to Monjo.   I can’t believe we came up that hill!   It was steep.  Everyone on their way up looked miserable.   But wait, that was us 12 days ago!!

Our lodge in Monjo was a delight.  Perched on the side of the river, we had our own CLEAN bathroom!  With a shower!  What have I done to deserve such a luxury?!  God knows – because I wiped out in the shower and bruised my heel and hip.   Oy.

Had a Sherpa shady at tea today.  First beer in 2 weeks and it went down beautifully.  Ahhhh. Who feels the bruises now?

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