Trek Day 15:  Lukla to KTM

Hot damn!!  I slept!  For a whopping 6.5 hours! It’s a miracle!   A Christmas miracle…in Nepal…in May!

Today’s trek was a whopping 600 metres from our lodge to the airport.   Sounds crazy but it didn’t seem like we were sleeping next to an airport.   Granted the runway is so short it was like sleeping next to a quarter of a paved football field.

The airport was chaos.   All 60 people looking to fly out of Lukla this morning were there trying to check in all at once.  Bags were inspected and then carried to the runway by hand.  Seems like things are not going according to plan or procedure.  But like everything in Nepal, there is some kind of fluidity to it.

Flight was called over the super high-tech PA system:  ie a flight crew YELLING through the waiting room.    Ran across the runway to line up to get on the tiny plane.

Those disembarking the plane looked so keen and clean.   You almost wanted to pat them on the head and say “oh dear, you have no idea.”  But you don’t.   Just like those ahead of us didn’t impart their hard-earned wisdom to us.   It’s up to them to work it out on their own.

Back in KTM, we flaked out by the pool and drank beers and ate pizzas at 10am.  Sounds like a good plan for the rest of the day.   Or week, or month.

Tomorrow we head to Dubai for a few days of serious R&R.

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