Three Days in Dubai

What can I say about Dubai?  It’s hot!  I mean crazy hot!  45C.   A bit of a change of temperature from the Himalayas.   Though, not totally unwelcome.   Bring on the beach.

The beach.   The sand is nice and the water is lovely and clear.  The view is not great.  56 construction cranes is not as picturesque as it sounds!!

We went up to the 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa to see the view.    It was very flat.   So totally different than the ever changing landscape we had just been in.

We did catch up with one of my oldest friends who happens to live in Dubai now.   And it was great.    We took an Arabic calligraphy class that brought back all the anxiety I felt in art class in high school.  FYI – I am in no way artistic.

We found a Tim Horton’s.  Which for any Canadian is a beacon in the night.   Strangely comforting when you are that far from home.   And when the holiday from alcohol (in a  country that only serves alcohol at hotels) was over, we have a couple of VERY expensive beers.   And they were good!!

I came home with a tan and a thousand memories.  And that it what it’s all about.

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