Time to Revive the Blog…


I’ve been home from Nepal for going on 10 months now.   I have been busy with the everyday routines of life:  work, gym, friends, family.   It’s been a great year.  But it’s time to get out on the road again and that means it’s time to revive the blog…

I’m on the countdown to the next great adventure.  10 days to be exact.

Last year I posted about my lack of organizational skills and how that affects my packing endeavours.   I thought after last year’s experience (i.e. spending at least 6 hours and 23 repacks trying to get down to 30 lbs in my trekking bag) things would have changed.   Alas, that is not the case.  I remain woefully unorganized and totally overwhelmed by the monumental task of packing.   By now, I should have come up with a system to facilitate the process:  like having a section in my closet for “travel clothes”; or a separate drawer in the bathroom fully stocked with toiletries that I just need to scoop into a bag.  These remains the stuff of dreams.   Or repacking my bag after the post-trip laundry is finished.   Into the laundry and back into the bag!  Hmmmm.  I may be onto something.

So my goal for tonight is to starting packing.  Particularly, since I am headed out on a weekend road trip between now and when I leave for the next great adventure.   Incidentally, I should start packing for that trip too!


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