Uganda: 1 Desk Jockey: 0

After 36 hours of travel, freezing rain, close connections, one lost bag and one dead goat,  I can officially say, the score sits at Uganda: 1, Desk Jockey: 0.

We were delayed out of Toronto over an hour for an unknown and not well-explained reason, then made the connection in Montreal, only to be delayed because someone decided last minute he did want to go to Brussels today.   I thought the rest of the flights would be non-events.  And the flights were non-eventful.  It’s what happened when I set foot in Uganda where it got interesting….

Landed in Entebbe, it was warm, humid and smelled like jasmine and honeysuckle.  Then I stepped inside the terminal.   Nothing terribly exciting happened.  In fact, nothing happened at all.  For an hour and a half.   Lots of lines going nowhere.    Finally got through customs, to find that  only one of two bags had arrived.  The bag with the schools supplies and colouring books.  Not the bag with my clothes, or my sandals, or my toothbrush.   They tell me it should arrive on Monday and will perhaps be delivered to me on Tuesday.   Please let all the travel gods smile on me and have that bag delivered.    So I figured that was it, smooth sailing from here on in.   Not quite.

My pre-paid ride to the hotel wasn’t at the airport.   I looked far and wide, called the hotel, and finally gave up and jumped in a cab.   OK, NOW smooth sailing.  Not quite.   10 minutes into our hour long drive into Kampala we hit a goat.   I mean, come on!  Are you kidding me?!    A goat.  After that we narrowly missed 6 or 8 motorbikes and at least a dozen pedestrians.

So here I am at the hotel, with the clothes on my back, 600 crayons, 350 coloured pencils, 15 colouring books, and about 6 reams of looseleaf paper.

I guess the bright side of this is that I’m going shopping tomorrow!




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