A Sunday in Kampala…


I woke up to this view.  Spectacular.  Fragrant.  Warm.  And sandal worthy weather.  Without sandals.   After a fantastic shower and a lovely breakfast on the veranda, I set out with my driver, Josay, for a morning of retail adventure in Downtown Kampala.

I figure I’d keep a positive outlook and stay confident that my bag will eventually show up and that today I’m really only looking to fill a gap.  So we set out to find a few items to tide me over until Tuesday.  Easier said that done:  1.  it’s Sunday; and 2.  I am a head taller than most women in Uganda and probably twice as wide.

The first two or three shoppes we tried were closed on Sunday.   Even the “green shoppe” (second hand store) was closed.  So we decided to head to the market in Downtown Kampala.  Which apparently  isn’t so busy on Sunday.  It was shoulder to shoulder.  If that wasn’t busy, I have no desire to see it on a Monday!!   We checked out of couple of stalls – and the purveyors tried hard.   Showed me a selection of shirts, pants and dresses and I found a couple of things that were plain enough for my staid sensibilities.    Everything is “free size”, which translated means, super small with lots of stretch.    Perhaps in my 20s I would have gone with the “free size”.   Now, in my 40s, I’m not sure I can pull it off!

Onwards and inwards to the heart of the market.  A few more stalls and bingo, flowy dresses.  Free size might actually work in these.  I found one or two that were far more flowery than I can actually process, but I’m getting desperate at this point.   I tried them on.  Light and flowy, and far more colourful than everything in my wardrobe combined.   Perfect.  I’ll take two.   Got a good deal, sort of.    Then I found out they are maternity dresses!   MATERNITY DRESSES!  Come on?!   Are you kidding me?!

Uganda:  2.   Desk Jockey:  0







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