Road tripping to Lira…


Today we are road tripping to Lira!  My colleague’s neighbour was driving back to Lira today, so we hitched a ride with her, and one of her colleagues.   Three muzungus and one Ugandan on the road to Lira.

Traffic was brutal in Kampala, a crash here, a jam there.  Motorbikes coming at us.   I mean actually coming at us.  Technically, it is “our” lane.  Practically, not so much.  We were on the curb and once or twice in the ditch trying to avoid the oncoming traffic.   Driving in Uganda is not for the faint of heart.

We made it out of Kampala and into the country side.   Passed a couple of check points marked “accident ahead” without ever coming across an actual accident.   We passed through markets, a junkyard (OK, it was the wreck of one car on the lawn of the police station), up and over and down hill after hill after hill.

And then there was “rolleggs”.   Scrambled eggs spread across a chapati, rolled up and fried.  Hello, my new breakfast standard.   And Stony  Tangawizi.    THE BEST GINGER BEER EVER.

Uganda is the colour of rust and dark green.  Everywhere.  And then out of nowhere comes the amazing blue of the Victoria Nile (or White Nile).   Brilliant and huge.  And loud.

We saw one lone monkey and avoided every goat that crossed our path!    Score one for the Desk Jockey!

Got to my hotel with about 3 minutes to spare before the skies opened and it rained like crazy for about 15 minutes.  Which killed the power.  We’ll see how long it takes to come back on (turns out it was 3.5 hours before the power came back and stayed).

So I now sit in Northern Uganda ready for tomorrow’s adventure.





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