The Long Road to Fort Portal…

Yesterday started fairly early as we had an eight hour ride (translated means 11 hours in Uganda) from Jinja to Fort Portal.   Back through Kampala where we were met with construction crew after traffic jam after just plain crazy traffic.   It was interesting to see Maribu storks in the middle of the city feasting on the off cuts from the butcher carts.

Past Kampala the roads opened up and we were flying for a while.  Had a lovely lunch at a restaurants that supports and local orphanage.   We are matoke (stewed plantains) with peanut sauce, beans, spinach and cole slaw.  And of course, a Stoney Tangawezi to drink.

After lunch we were into Western Uganda where the hills are greener and more lush.   Tea plantations, sugar cane plantations, papyrus plantations and a few cattle farmers.   The temperature dropped at least 10C, to an almost chilly 25C.   After a short rain fall, the roads were steaming.  It was almost eerie.

We arrived at our home for the next couple of nights, just outside of Fort Portal in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains after what seemed to be a never-ending 11 hour trip.   The view from my tent was another spectacular sight.

This morning was an early start (5:45 am) in order to get to Kibale National Park early enough to start trekking to see chimpanzees.   It was a short trek of about 15 minutes when we came across a family group in the trees, just starting their day.   An alpha male, two females and 2 little tikes.   We watched them in the trees for at least two hours.  The kids were horsing around, mothers scolding.  At one point, I was shit on by one of them.

Thirty, the alpha, had a couple of mating sessions in the trees before he decided to come down for the day.   He then proceeded to eat and waive his member around, so as to say “THIS is my plan for the day!!”  Who could blame him really?!

Then to a local family for another home made Ugandan lunch!  This time with ugalii, steamed maize, my favourite!

A totally EPIC day, by any measure.

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