Tierra del Fuego, South Patagonia, Argentina

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We flew into Ushuaia, Argentina after a short stop over in Buenos Aires.  We were flying to the end of the world, or so Ushuaia sells itself.   Port Williams in Chile is, in fact, the most southerly settlement in the world, and only a few miles down the Beagle Channel from Ushuaia, but Ushuaia is the most southerly town.    And a lovely town it is.   Running from the port up to the tail end of the Andes, Ushuaia is a colourful collection of houses and shops that service the sea going cargo, fishing, travel and ski industries.    In the dead of summer 18C is a hot day and in the winter -5C is the norm.    We ate king crab, after king crab, after king crab.   BBQ’d lamb is a speciality, but I couldn’t get enough of the crab.   If you find yourself in this part of the world, Tia Elvira will treat you right.   Again and again, and won’t judge you for it.

Ushuaia is about 15 kilometres down the road from Tierra del Fuego National Park and an easy ride.     Tierra del Fuego is a delight to anyone remotely interested in hiking, kayaking and just breathing the most spectacularly fresh air.    A feast for the eyes: 20 shades of blue, green, grey and white.    I was completely mesmerized.   There is a train in the park, which used to be used to transport convicts housed at the prison in Ushuaia to the work sites in Tierra del Fuego to build roads and infrastructure.   The train now shuttles tourists through the park to get a sampling of the vistas.

We visited the End of the World post office on the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego.   Sat and drank in the sunshine.   I later found myself at a post office significantly south of this one, almost 1,500 km south, in fact.  But that is a story for another day.

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